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Notorious P.I.G.
I'm a BIG, BUFF guinea pig! I am absolutely NOT fat! I just have big BONES!! Big floppy squishy bones all around my stomach!!! I want to meet OTHER pigs on livejournal and HUMP them!!! I have TWO wives, suzi_queue and dontcuddleme!!! I have TWO babies but only einstein_pig has a journal! That's okay because JACKIE is a PUNK!!!!
anger, arguing with my wives, arguing with myself, attacking hamsters, being a daddy, being a gangsta piggy, being aggravated, being angry, being fearsome, being irate, being pissed off, being the alpha pig, bickering with my wives, bitching, biting my children's ears, breakfast, broccoli, broccoli breath, cantaloupe, cardboard, complaining, complaining about my wife, cucumber peels, cuddles, deutschpunk, dinner, dominating the conversation, eating, eating all day long, eating everything in sight, eating my wife's vegetables, eating plants, eating vegetables, einstein, exploring, extreme talkativeness, farting, fertilizing the garden, food, frightening hamsters, fury, fussiness, fussing, gardening, getting attention, getting cuddled, giving advice, giving mommy advice, glaring at everyone, grass, growling at my brother, growling at the mirror, grumbling, hating hamsters, hating jackie chan, hating people, hating that punk jackie, hating zucchini, hay, helpful suggestions, helping mommy, humping, humping my wives, industrial, informing the universe, insulting everyone, insulting everything, insulting horrible people, insulting that punk jackie, jumping onto my shelf, kale, krautrock, licking mommy's face, licking my children, loudness, loving mommy, lunch, making a fuss, making my opinions known, mangling ferns, midnight snacks, missing my brother, mommy kisses, munching, my babies, my brother, my own voice, my poor dead brother, my wives, noise, nose kisses, outrage, peeing, pellets, pooping, pooping on my house, pooping on my shelf, punk, red bell peppers, rumblestrutting, running around and squealing, running away, running in circles, running in the garden, running in the kitchen, screaming, sex, showing off, shrieking, singing, sitting on my house, smothering my grandmother, squeaking, squealing, stuffing my face, suzi, talking, talking about myself, talking on the phone, tomatoes, tostito crumbs, vegetables, voicing my displeasure, voicing my opinions, volume, washing my face, wheeping, whining, whining about life's injustice, whining about my wives, winning arguments, wives, yelling, yelling about everything, yelling about life's injustice, yelling all day long, yelling at hamsters, yelling at my babies, yelling at my brother, yelling at my wives, yelling at plastic bags, yelling at the phone, yelling at the sink, yelling at the weather, yelling louder, yelling loudly, yelling more loudly, yelling very loudly, yelling whenever i want, yelling yelling yelling!!!!